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SolidWorks is a computer-aided design (CAD) that permits users to simulate, create, manage, and publish 3D models it is a solid modeling CAD and CAE (Computer-aided engineering) a software that runs on MS Windows. The SolidWorks software was developed by Dassault Systems.  The SolidWorks Premium technology aimed to make more efficient engineering process with tools for product layout, conceptual design, dynamics analysis and strength, and more.

SolidWorks Premium Software has a top recreation capacity that can help users to the performance of the product opposite to real-life situations. To solve and identify complex assembly issues, you can use Analytical properties at the initial stages of the product development, which assures manufacturability. The extended tools of the software are capable of integrating PCB (printed circuit board) information into 3D-model. It also allows users to create and file layouts for piping, electrical wiring, and tubing.

SolidWorks Premium also offers various other solutions that include TMA (Time-based Motion Analysis), Routing of pipes & Tubes, Linear Static Analysis for Assemblies and parts, wiring harnesses, superior surface flattening and more.

According to the reports, Thousands of companies and millions of designers and engineers are using SolidWorks Software. Also, 2011 to 2o12 revenue report shows that SolidWorks revenue add-up to $483 million.

SOLIDWORKS Products and Solutions:

Our powerful, yet easy-to-use solutions help drive innovation while covering all aspects of your product development process, regardless of the size of your business, industry, or preferred platform.

3D CAD:  Insightful product development solutions and 3D design from SolidWorks Software allow you to understand, create, communicate, validate, conceptualize, transform, and manage your pioneering ideas into immense product designs.

SIMULIA Solutions and SOLIDWORKS Simulation:

Simulation Solutions for SolidWorks provide a simple collection of analysis tools to forecast a products’ physical behavior in real-world by testing CAD models virtually.

Product Data Management:

SolidWorks DMS (Data Management Solutions) offers a lot of applications that provides you the ability for quick and efficient managing data files and certification to enhance productivity and increase product quality.

It doesn’t matter even if you are a professional businessman or a small startup, or even running an educational institution SolidWorks can support and promote your organization.

Job Functions: SolidWorks Premium offers tools that enhance your job effectiveness despite your skill levels. 

  Industries: SolidWorks can help you increase products with the competence to convert your industry and work more efficiently.

Cloud Solutions:  The companies that take the advantage of the cloud, the SolidWorks offers the3D-experience solutions and provide necessary digital design, CAM, modeling, analysis capabilities, and simulation.

Desktop Solutions: The SolidWorks premium software integrated, strong and easy-to-use desktop solutions, installed for businesses who like to take control of their data, hardware, and software within their firewalls.


According to the capacity of the professionals of SolidWorks, the SolidWorks premium includes powerful reproduction analysis, ECAD/MCAD, design validation, reverse engineering, and advanced pipe and wire routing performance to its capabilities list.

ASC (Advanced Simulation Capabilities) permits users to evaluate product functionality in real-world scenarios, forces, and motion.  Determine any potential manufacturing issues before production with forbearance stack-up analysis tools that can be utilized all through the design process.

PCB (printed circuit board) data can be included to your 3D-model in an uproar with the capacity to produce and file layouts for piping, electrical wiring, and tubing. SolidWorks Premium also offers the chance to use 3D scanned data in the software.

SolidWorks Premium Features:

  • LAD (Large Assembly Design)
  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • SMD (Sheet Metal Design)
  • Mold Design
  • Cast Part and Plastic Design
  • Weldments
  • Tubing and Piping Design
  • Conduit and ECH (Electrical Cable Harness) Design
  • CAD Import/Export
  • Direct Model Editing
  • Conceptual Design
  • ASD (Advanced Surface Design)

SolidWorks Premium Benefits:

SolidWorks Premium is a power and easy-to-use software that offers 3D CAD design capabilities to the user. Extremely innate solutions assist in product development workflows more resourceful so that it can save company resources and time. It also permits you to take the products to the market quickly.  It also helps you avoid extra manufacturing costs, and helps you improve the quality and consistency of product applications from different industries.

A solid 3D modeling feature offers a realistic image and pre-manufacturing practical testing. This process makes the product development more creative and reduces costs.

SolidWorks Premium is competent of LAD (Large Assembly Designs) that contains around 100,000 parts. These multifaceted assemblies are made easy to manage using user-friendly tools for making and managing designs.

Users can make a different sheet metal parts and designs using flexible and specialized SolidWorks Premium tools.  It offers specific tools for SMD and permits the user to produce sheet metal part designs quickly by using fewer resources. 

Weldments allow users to produce designs with displacement and suitably create material bills and cut lists. This modernizes design and manufacturing of welded frames, structures, and bases.

SolidWorks Premium Software helps you produce cast part and plastic designs that are of high-quality to make sure to meet the durability requirements and aesthetics of the customers.

Completely incorporated model design capacities permit you to make mold design simpler. The entire file parts are automatically updated so that all the changes happened till the final product manufacturing are recorded.

Conduit Design and ECH (Electrical Cable Harness) features facilitates you to include cable/wire/conduit systems/harness for a design. Total BOMs and path planning are also articulated.

All-Inclusive features for Tubing and Piping Design make product development much quicker and cost-efficient. SolidWorks premium tools helps with the 3D design of hydraulic, piping, airy and other systems before going into manufacture.